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Welcome to the Messiah College image library

Only low resolution images suitable for Websites and PowerPoint (and other similar type) presentations can be downloaded from this library. Images are not intended for and will not provide adequate quality for print.
Search categories:  
  • Buildings, structure names
  • Events, activities
  • Seasons
  • Type of action, activity
  • Specific places, locations
  • Sports
  • People groups (couple, groups,
    crowd, faculty etc.)
  • Gender
  • Faculty, administrator name
  • Organizations
  • Adjectives
  • Surroundings, environment (trees, creek,
    clouds, flowers, sun, etc.)
  • Academic school, major, department
  • Image orientation horizontal, vertical)

The library is not searchable by student name.

Images are owned and copyrighted by Messiah College to promote the College. Reproduction of these images for any other purpose is prohibited. Images are not for sale.